I have been to hell and back, but I am not a victim... I lived it, I learned from it, and I am a better woman for that reason... I may be broken, but I can't be destroyed.

I have had plenty of moments that were far less than beautiful... but they were just moments... I wasn't defined by it... I have risen from my own ashes and I am a never-ending work in progress.

I am a single mother that raised 2 children alone... I left a brutally violent man and marriage after 17 years. I hit the ground running and gave my children a good life and became a good mother... and now an awesome grandmother, lol. While there were a great deal of issues for me, personally, within myself from the relationship I left, I simply didn't have time right away to do so. I have been out of the marriage for a good many years and my kids are now adults... a few years ago, the time came for me to handle my own healing. At first, I just took to the bed and gave in to it all. That lasted much longer than I would care to admit, but by the grace, I simply woke up one morning remembering who I truly was and that if the actual abuse didn't get the best of me, then the aftermath definitely was not going to either. Again, I am not a victim, I had allowed more than enough to be taken from me by him and was hell-bent that I would not give him another second. He doesn't deserve it, he didn't deserve it, and I deserved better than that as well. I am getting back to good again, it's been a slow go, baby steps, but it's forward progress with no looking back.

My life was almost taken from me by the hands of someone who endlessly proclaimed an undying love for me. The thought that my children could or possibly be left in this world without me to battle him terrified me. With the help of his own mother, I planned out and executed our escape and we have never been back. He is currently serving the last 9 years of a 20-year sentence in a Georgia penitentiary.

My kids are now adults... and they have kids of their own, so I am now nanny to 2 perfect grandchildren. While there are still tough times and less than beautiful moments for me personally... when I see their faces, I see more beauty than I could have ever imagined once upon a time.

What Is Your Favorite Item From Beautiful Disaster And Why: I have to be honest... I love the entire collection. Every category seems to reflect a moment in my life... but I'm a Hoodie lover so that is my fave style.


Tammy said:

My motto is if I get knocked down 99 times I will get back up 100 times. Although I have to admit it this last time was an exhaustive getting back up but this time I told life “you hit like a bitch.” No one or nothing is gonna hold me down again. I have many favorites that I own but ultimate favorite is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I wear all my armor with pride

Teri said:

You are a warrior! You were able to get out of that horrible marriage & save your children on your own. That takes a tremendous amount of strength & you succeeded. I am happy that you are now able to look forward & enjoy your children & grand babies. 🩷💜🩷💜

Lady Ryder said:

I just want to express how strong you are. My mother was in somewhat the same situation, and it was very dangerous. She left my alcoholic/abusive father when i was 10. She had to sneak out while he was at work. As A child I can’t say how proud I am to look at all that she has made it threw and the sacrifices she has made not for herself but for me. I couldn’t thank her enough for giving me a better life then what we had. I’m absolutely sure your children as well would say the same. Keep up the Good Fight Beautiful! Much peace and much love!

My favorite shirt is the one that says “I feel a sin coming on!” teeheehee:)

Becky said:

Proud of you.

Lisa Adsms said:

You are so tough I’ve been through similar im so proud of you we are survivors

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March 14, 2024