What has life been like for me? Boy, this is lengthy, so I will try and cut it down the best I can. Since the age of 10 (I'm now 49), I've had a rough life, not all bad, but I've had my share of trials and tests. Let me jump right in. At the ages of 11 through 14 I was molested by my step-father. I had told my mother, he admitted it and nothing was ever done to him, but I was sent to live with my grandparents. I got pregnant and delivered my son at the age of 15. I have been married and divorced twice, I have 2 beautiful daughters from my first marriage. Bad car accident in 2006 that left 4 fractures in my lower back which led to obesity over time. I've lived in my vehicle with my dog for over 3 months, I was diagnosed with severe depression and put on suicide watch. I have been in 4 abusive relationships - 1 physical, 2 emotional, and 1 very narcissistic alcoholic. Seems every time something happens for the good, something knocks me down again. There is so much more to my story but it would become a short novel.

Christmas of 2019 I found out that not one of my daughters was pregnant, but both of them were expecting. July 26th, 2020 my oldest daughter gave birth to my grandson and on August 2nd, 2020 my youngest gave birth to my granddaughter. It was at that point I realized I needed to get my life back on track because I'll be damned if I'm going to miss all this. In October, 2020 I moved in with my oldest daughter for a few months until I got my own place to live. 

I resonate with the Beautiful Disaster brand because I have been knocked down time after time after time and I still keep coming back. I refuse to be beaten and give up. This brand gives us that boost we need to get up and fight another day, whether it's to get out of a bad situation, to look in a mirror and say I am good enough, or just to get out of bed. We need each other, to stand together, and speak out. This brand actually allows the opportunity to do just that. Favorite Beautiful Disaster items? I actually love it all. 

I'm not saying life now is all sunshine and rainbows, I still have bad days and being alone is hard. But, I will get up everyday and fight. I now know my worth and will never settle for less, I've been through enough. 

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February 11, 2022