My name is Stephanie, from Terre Haute, Indiana, and I'm apart of the Beautiful Disaster Tribe because of all my flaws that make me who I am today. Not long after I turned 18, I got into a relationship (2008) that started off great as usual. Probably within 2 months, he broke up with me for his ex and we ended up back together a week and a half later. Unfortunately, that is when the physical, mental and emotional abuse started, which went on for almost 3 years on and off. I got pregnant with our first child and shortly after, I started back up on using drugs. My daughter was only 21 days old when we got into a really bad fight.

Due to the drugs and the fighting, I was life lined to Indy where I recovered in a couple days and went home with my aunt. CPS became involved and my daughter went to my mom. After about 6 months, my daughter was back in my care and the father and I ended up back together on and off. We had 2 more kids, all the while the relationship was still very unhealthy.

Finally, in 2014, I was able to find my own place and ended the relationship for good. However, in late 2015 I got addicted to drugs once again, lost all 3 of my kids in 2016 and their father, who got his life together, got full custody of them. My drug addiction lasted until 2019 when I finally got in trouble and decided it was time for a change.

Today, I have a relationship with all 3 of my kids, me and the father are great friends, and my family is speaking to me again. My life quote is "The BIGGEST negatives can make the GREATEST positives." I made this quote back in 2011 and still to this day very much believe in it.

I identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand because of all the times I thought I should have given up on myself because of my life being a disaster, but didn't. This brand reminds me of how strong I can be and helps me see I'm not only a disaster I'm a Beautiful Disaster. I must say my most favorite items from Beautiful Disaster is a tie between "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" and "You Don't Know My Story" because I think they explain me so well. What I went through definitely made me stronger, when it probably should've killed me, and most people don't know my story that made me who I am today.  When I found Beautiful Disaster clothing I just knew that every collection would some how fit into a part of my life. The collections have so much meaning behind them. Some people won't understand unless they are a Beautiful Disaster too. BD makes me feel so more confident about myself <3 

Thank you for letting me share my story.

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July 29, 2021