What makes you a Beautiful Disaster? 
My experience with illnesses stretches back to the first time my birthday fell on Friday the 13th.  My family had to delay leaving for vacation because of my illness. Surviving & Thriving with Cannabis: Stephanie’s Story details my journey through discovering I had Crohn’s disease. 
Why do you identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand?
My battle with Crohn’s disease has spanned two decades and included nearly twenty surgeries in top hospitals across the nation. I identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand because I have had to find beauty within myself. Finding your own beauty while healing for major surgeries is challenging and requires a great support team. 
What has life been like for you?
Life for me has included many hospital stays. My experience overcoming major surgeries while earning my education has made my life more meaningful. Learning to center the mind, heal the body, and renew the spirit in the most challenging of circumstances inspires me to continue with my head held high. 
What happened to turn it around?
My life turned about when I watched The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The movie became my religion. I watched it everyday, visualizing a future so far out of my reach. Today, I sit in that future reaching for even bigger dreams. The power of positive thinking, taking control of your thoughts, and generating the future is they key to achieving self-acceptance and success. 
What is your life like now? 
Today, I live my dreams, reaching for goals far beyond the realm of possibility. Living with illness means I’m living and that’s the most important part of everyday. My life is now dedicated to the study of yoga and I’m working on my Master’s of Science in Leadership. Learning the value of each breath, knowing my worth, and reaching for the stars is the key to happiness. Every small goal accomplished lets me know that I’m alive! 

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December 07, 2018