Over the last couple of years, my strength has been tested. In 2020, I lost both my father and husband within 3 months of each other. Both were very unexpected. 
When I lost my husband, I felt broken, lost, and useless. I was a complete disaster. Shortly after he passed, I discovered what a wife fears, infidelity. I never imagined in a million years he would do that.
We had, what I thought, a perfect marriage, a fairy tale type relationship. Even my friends complimented on how great it was and wished they could find love as strong as ours. When I found all the communication with the other women, I fell into a deep darkness. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, worthless, and overall, in disbelief. Why?!?! How could the man of my dreams do this? What did I do
that was this bad?! After pondering over and over, I realized that it was not me at all. Since I have no answers from him, all I can do is assume he just had issues within himself he needed to fix, and this was his way to cope. 
Since discovering all this and waking up, I quickly realized I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am a little crazy and over all a beautiful disaster. I asked myself many times, will I love again? Would anyone love the mess I am in? Then I met my now boyfriend and he’s never left my side. I am his Beautiful Disaster. He lets me grieve when I feel the need to vent, cry or even scream. 
I came across this brand in the process of everything and man, I have so many hoodies and shirts that helped me describe me. What I am or was feeling etc. I even placed it on my motorcycle because it’s not just a brand to me but a whole lifestyle for me. We all go through our moments, and we all need lifting. I
am forever grateful for you! 
I have many collections that spoke to me. Beautifully Broken was the one that hit me like no other! After losing my husband, I felt broken. At times I still do!! The other collection would be You Don’t Know My Story. To me, with losing my husband and finding out he had a true addiction (sex), then ending up with
someone who I feel truly understands me, was a crazy time. Others didn’t know about the infidelity.
Even though what he did was wrong, he didn’t deserve his thunder taken. He was a great person regardless of what he was doing. So, to me, no one knew, so it truly was, them not knowing my story. Then of course the more smartass one, hating me won’t make you pretty lol, that was just a hit to someone that didn’t like me, and it was too perfect. 
All in all, most collections speak to me and when I can afford them, I splurge lol. 
Thank you for letting me get this out!

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July 14, 2022