My name is Shanna and I've been a part of Beautiful Disaster since I can remember and I love this tribe, and this group, so much. I love your clothing line and love how we are all here for each other, and we are all Beautiful Disasters. I have been through depression and PTSD since I was 13 years old. I am going to be 36 this August. I'm struggling so bad, finding this group has helped me and having all your support has made my faith stronger and I know not to give up. I have been through seeing my mom almost die (she tried committing suicide when I was 12) to being raped, so my ex could get high, to being in a very very bad domestic relationship where I went from being healthy, happy and a mom, to being abused mentally, physically, emotionally to being drugged, unable to take care of my daughter, being 85lbs, and told I'd never have custody of my daughter, and that no one will ever find my body; I ran, never turned back, left with just myself, nothing else. Got a restraining order, took 2 weeks to get my daughter, but through God and court, and faith I got full, legal, sole custody of my daughter. Been out of domestic for 5 years now, and everything's has been great, wonderful. Then, last month I got robbed when my daughter and I were in MA visiting family, got robbed cash, jewelry, and clothes. I'm a single mom, looking for work, and coming home to my house robbed made my depression worse. I cannot afford anything and I'm struggling to get by, but not giving up. God and this group will have my side and support!! I love this group and all Beautiful Disasters. 

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August 25, 2022