My name is Sarah. I'm 37 years old and the mother of two teenage boys ages 17 and 15. When I came across Beautiful Disaster Clothing I was in the middle of losing myself so badly I thought I would disappear. See, I'm a human trafficking survivor. I was trafficked for 11 years from ages 4 to 15. When I finally broke my silence it also broke me. It was not received well by my family or the community. I fought through it with little support from anyone. The man who trafficked me only spent 5 and a half years in prison and was released to a town 7 miles from where I live. Fast forward to my mind 20s. I am already married to an abusive drunk. The abuse he subjected me to was physical, mental and emotional. I have my 2 boys already and I joined the National Guard to give my boys a better chance. I do my initial training come home and my husband decided to join active duty. When he was in basic training I got the courage to leave him. A couple months later he had a heart attack and was discharged. Fast forward a few years, he refused to give me a divorce because he could control me that way. I was having a going away party at my house and someone slipped some deadly drugs in my drink and I drank it. Fortunately a friend of mine was next to me when I collapsed and he started CPR on me and continued in my car on the way to the hospital. I was not breathing when I arrived and they brought me back. At this time in my life I had already had 3 major strokes and a heart attack. Death won't even mess with me as my close friends say. In 2014 my husband died from a combination of a minor heart attack, over use of alcohol and he was using Meth. Leaving me to explain to our then 10 year old sons and 9 year old son. Today I have learned I'm not a victim, I'm a warrior and your line of clothes is the majority of what I wear because I am definitely a Beautiful Fucking Disaster. Thank you for hearing some of my story.

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July 01, 2022