I’m a Beautiful Disaster in that I’ve overcome a 23 year marriage with a cheater the whole time; which resulted with mental, physical and emotional abuse. A Great Depression of not wanting to be here anymore. Then, a stepdad who was fighting a battle of prostate cancer and needed care which I gave for 3 1/2 years. My health I could see wasn’t good from the depression and stress with results of loosing hair. Most importantly, my well being. Thanks to my spiritual counselor, I’ve quit smoking. January 11th it will be 4 years. I started working out again. I’m proud of my will power to be me again; a strong and beautiful women inside and out. I saw Beautiful Disaster online and read into it and WOW, so many wonderful achieving ladies just like me. The clothing, with such inspiring messages on them, the wings being my favorite, made me see the warrior I am today. I wear my clothing and accessories with great pride.

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March 03, 2023