My name is Rachel and I’m a recovering addict! I was broken and lost, using as much as I could, selling my soul for one more bag. I barely saw my kids for a couple years…I was introduced to Narcotics Anonymous in 1989, but didn’t finally surrender until February 9, 2017.  I connect with the pain, hopelessness, and desperation of everyone’s story and BD quote’s!
Today my life is amazing. I make mistakes, but I keep going. The only thing I do perfectly is not pick up a day at a time. I have a tribe of NA women who genuinely care about me and my recovery! My kids, my grandkids, my husband, & my family are all in my life today! I have my grandkids overnight and I help run 12 recovery house near me. I’m in school to be a certified recovery specialist. Just 4y ears and 8 months ago if you would asked me where I was going in life I would’ve said the cemetery. My favorite hoodie is the one that says “ You don’t know my story “. I have a life beyond my wildest dreams.. I lost my only son last year to an accidental overdose he bought Percocet that were fake and laced with fentanyl. I just want to help people and find them resources funding for recovery house so they don’t feel like they cannot do that because none of us do this alone! My Instagram is wickedwitch666. Thank You for positive energy!

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April 28, 2022