I am a 42 year old living with Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis, Arthritis and deteriorating disks, so my health issues make me feel like I’m in my late 60’s! I’m a mother of an adult son, teenage daughter and own a lot of pets, and honestly it is a daily struggle to get through life.
Back in 2010, my fibromyalgia presented many symptoms, memory loss being one of them, which led me to start looking into what could be causing the issues. My back was hurting more than usual, and I knew it was more than just my 45 degree curved spine. I would have to lay on the hard floor at work just to get some relief. I started seeing doctors to find out what the problem could be. Some said they couldn’t see anything wrong and one surgeon who could operate on the spine told me it wouldn’t help. The solution was for me to quit smoking and lose weight, which is very unlikely combination. Another doctor said they could try surgery, but couldn’t guarantee anything and could present separate challenges. I knew of a friend who had multiple surgeries that resulted in her being unable to lift a gallon of milk and I wasn’t prepared to go that route.
So, I continued my journey to find answers and after at least 13-15 different doctors, Dr. Sean McGrath diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia by noticing so many pressure (tender) points on me! Since then, I continue to have chronic pain, headaches, restless legs, certain parts of my body go numb, brain fog, memory loss, loss of balance, my speech gets mixed up on a regular basis, sweating easily in warm environments, and so many more things. There is no miracle drug to make me feel even somewhat decent. I’ve tried shots in my back and hips, but they don’t help for more than a week. It’s all so disappointing.
I had to quit working in 2018 because it was too much on me. My husband understood at the time and I filed for disability, which I’m still waiting to get approved. In the meantime, my husband and I have separated. Did I mention stress causes flare ups? Which basically feels like a flu where you hurt all over and shake uncontrollably from the pain. 
I found out about this brand when a friend of mine told me about it a long time ago. My favorite collection is “You Don’t Know My Story” because many people see me as an ordinary person and don’t realize the chronic pain I deal with with the Fibromyalgia on a daily basis. Beautiful Disaster helps me express how I am feeling without having to say a word.
I will continue to pray for good news in terms of receiving disability and try to get my husband to come back home because I am a Fibromyalgia Warrior and Perfectly Imperfect Beautiful Disaster!!!

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December 10, 2021