Your clothes have been such an inspiration to me, I think I’m obsessed with them…

  I was married to an abusive man for over 13 years. I married him in 2007. I have 2 kids at that time, toddlers boy and girl. Long story short, I found out he was abusing my daughter, not only physically, but sexually since she was 9 years old to 18. Now, my daughter got pregnant at 16 with his baby. So, my mom was the one that brought all this to my attention when I went to see her, saying my grandson looked like my husband at the time.. so I looked at my daughter ..she told me everything that he had been doing to her for 9 years of her life. I broke down and cried saying, "How did I not know this?!". I was so shocked - my poor little girl had to endure all this monster did to her and I couldn’t save her .. I was so upset. How does a mother deal with all this? 
 So, after all of this, I had to do some thing - this man belongs in prison. We called the police and got him arrested. The judge gave him 17 years, no time off for good behavior, and has to file as sex offender for life. Now, healing begins for my daughter as well as myself and your clothes help me so much. I appreciate everything thing you guys do with the clothes and the inspirational sayings, thank you so much helps me a lot with healing.

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February 17, 2023