My name is Elicia, 45 from Oahu, Hawaii.  When someone mentions Hawaii you think paradise, beaches, sun, warmth,...etc. Well most of my life I was alone and in darkness.  As I was growing up my motto was "I'm all woman hear me roar"  well I thought I was.
From what I can remember between high school, to 1 proposal, to 2 engagements, to 1 marriage till way after my son was born 2010 and my travel time between states trying to find life was a lifetime ride of a rollercoaster.  The beatings, the many cheating & cheating excuses "she don't mean nothing to me" "she's just a friend" "nothing is going on", the mind games, the "you are fine, it's me" "I'm busy tonight" "I'm sorry"  at the time I just thought what's wrong with me.  I was that girlfriend...whatever you wanted done it's done. Loyalty & respect & faithfulness I thought that's how you find & keep Mr. Right but all of those guys were Mr. For Right Now.
2010 to present time I have found my Mr. Right. No beating, no cheating, no excuses just the typical hanging out with boys & he calls & takes pictures to ease my mind.  We have a passion of playing paintball that keeps us glued. We have traveled to Las Vegas & Maui to play with the team.  He takes care of my son like his own.  My son was 2 years old when we got together and always called him "uncle"  asked my boyfriend at the age of 6 "can I call you my daddy"? I almost died when I heard that convo. and my boyfriend said "sure" My son is now 11 & they still wrestle & tackle & play video games with each other but still gets his "squats" discipline when he gets out of line. 
During this 9 year relationship my family turned on me.  I'm guessing because I'm a step-daughter I am to be treated differently. My stepfather tried to control me, tell me how to raise my son, how to run my life... as an adult he treated me like crap.  Told me me things like him or my mom won't be able to watch my son anymore cause I'm taking advantage when it was my sisters that was actually watching him.  My stepfather was also telling my son negative things. Wth!!!  I was having migraines & couldn't sleep, gaining weight, so I decided to see a psychiatrist and we talked about everything.  Deep things came out with that hour of conversation.  I received tools from my doctor on how to handle situations with the family and society. This lasted 5 years, I'm also glad I had my boyfriend to help me through this also...having my back & supporting me. I didn't see or speak to my mom or stepfather.  Eventually things got better & I know my stepfather is still trying to grow from what happened. 
I have gotten a tattoo my left arm says "RESILIENT"  Through the years I have taken each life experience put it in a box called "past"  & leaving it there, moved on & evolved.  My skin has gotten thicker through the years & so has my soul & mind.  Nothing bothers me & I speak my mind.  I have friends & family ask me for advice and if you knew me... I don't sugarcoat anything for anyone.  You want advice, I'll tell you the truth, but warning you,  it might hurt.  
Today I NOW can use my motto "I'm all woman hear me roar"  I am currently working on my back tattoo and it's a lone tiger in its calm state... not completed but at the end it will be a calm tiger standing on a rock next to bamboo trees & 3 types of lilies. Today I'm STILL standing strong and not letting nothing or no one put me down.  💪😊🤙💜🐢
Sorry so long and I hope this is ok.
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Instagram: @zebbysmommy 

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June 12, 2020