TW: Sexual Abuse

When I was 4, I was physically abused and molested many times. I would hide, but it didn’t matter I was dragged out anyway to suffer. My mom would never hear me. When I was a teen, I was almost raped twice and then I turned 20 and was raped and became pregnant. I said I would never let this happen to my children. Later down the road, my second child was molested and now she lives with the pain I have always lived with. I have tried so hard to protect them and felt like I failed. 

I was always told from day one I wasn’t wanted, but I was in a family of 4 other siblings which were all favored, 2 by each parent. I never got the help like the others. I lived with barely anything and to get to work or around, it was a bike with my first child on the back. 5 miles to my job each way. I had to split wood at nite as they slept to have heat. I went without for my children to have.

I have been married twice to abusive, cheating men and I survived through it all. I feel like I grew stronger from all I went through and feel like all the disaster in my life made me the beautiful, caring mom and person I have become.. I still suffer daily, but am still a survivor. 

These clothes are amazing to me. I have overcome so much pain in life, like the thorn that keeps digging at me I still have made it through all the blood and tears.

I have ordered many things from shorts to sweatshirts etc. even a sweatshirt for each day that they love to show them with all the been through, they are also still beautiful. 

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March 17, 2022