My Beautiful Disaster story started on May 13th 2018.. I was getting ready for our get together that day and stepped out for a cup of coffee with my husband when we look up to a cop car sliding in my driveway and 2 more behind him. Our youngest daughter, who had just turned 15 in March that year, decided to try and take her own life.

She had been bullied by a boy and was on social media when he convinced her to slit her wrists live.. by the grace of God she lived, it took them over 2 hours to put her back together.. at that moment knew I had to be a voice. I became a mentor to anyone who needed someone unbiased to talk to them, listen to them and not judge them. I talk to people of all ages, races, sexuality, religions and those who have a dime to their name and those who don’t. With my daughters permission, I wrote a book and it came out last year.. it is called Broken; But; Worthy. It really is a good read, it has helped many. It can be found on Amazon, my goal is to eventually have enough funds from it to help others out who were affected by Suicide. I am hoping that I will be able to help with their mortgage, rent, electricity, food or mental health for a month. 

She has since graduated high school and I am still there for those who need me.  I don’t have a favorite collection from Beautiful Disaster as they are all kick ass and I will eventually own something from every line!! 

Big love from Okeechobee Florida 💜

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March 17, 2022