My life changed not right at 10 yrs but more like 7 yrs ago. I moved my daughter and myself to Arizona from Michigan. I dated long distance and fell in love and got married and have this great family! Seems awesome but in our life things can change so fast so in my journey of life I’m finishing dental school my mom still living in Michigan’s thought we talked or saw each other every day when I moved to Arizona we probably talked at least 5 times through the day.
My mom was having some tests they thought she had back issues and or pneumonia and as it’s was about 11:35 am on July, 11 2014 I got the call!!! My mom had Stage 3A lung cancer! So she went through some more tests and my husband and decided to have her come here to Phoenix as we have one of the best cancer centers! She arrived November 2, 2014 and from that day my life changed forever! I’m won’t go into great detail but sadly her cancer was much more aggressive and hiding and by January 2016 she was terminal and given 4 months to live. I knew that day somehow when then final results was being read as my gut knew and so much that I told my husband to come and I also blurted it out to the Dr. until he barely got through the door with everyone’s shocked look at me the answer was yes! My mother was my best friend and through this it took me to My faith!
It took me to my mental and physical strength as a caregiver your the nurse 24/7. She forgot many things as it quickly progressed but I slept with her until I couldn’t I lived in a recliner chair! She taught me to fight even when you feel like giving up! Even when your told this news she still fought and so hard that she defied hospice! I lost my best friend and mom May of 2016. Now today- My life has taught me love, patience, fighting and believing! It taught me stop and enjoy the simple things in life and how many of us take things for granted! I’ve helped the homes, helped cancer patients and I’ve even put up a homeless person for week to stay out of our heat! I leave my house everyday saying I’m going to make a difference in someone’s life as I battle my own health issues as it’s took a toll on me physically!
I found YOUR site as I met a friend who was on my cancer support groups and I saw the shirt she had tattooed on her! WITH PAIN, COMES STRENGTH!! She left this world three months before my mom 3 yrs short of my age 46! So with you site I had to have the shirt because with pain comes strength and it’s then how strong you really! Here is my friend and my journey that changed me as the Pain if loss became the strength to Live! The pain of caring for the person you love gave me strength to make it the best!
Today, I’m not this selfish, in a hurry, to busy, drama person I was then! I’m now a 46 yr old woman who gives the life I had to my daughter as a young adult! I take time for everyone especially the elderly or make some impact in someone’s life to know Love can change many things and I was stronger than I ever knew!

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December 07, 2018