I love your clothing line!!! It fits so prefect! This is my story. Just short and sweet. I fight everyday. 

I fight everyday for my son to give him everything he deserves and needs. Our lives were flipped upside down in 2014 when my husband died in a car accident on the way to work. He freaking deployed two times overseas and fought on the front lines and came home safe. My world instantly changed with a single phone call.  It was me - I had to be everything  to our son. My son who has faced so many challenges in his young life now only has me. A mom and a dad. My son is a handsome little man, who made me a mom when I couldn't have a child the natural way. Yes, he is adopted but he is mine no matter what. Today I fight to ensure he gets services he needs. We fight through surgeries, hospital stays and setbacks.
But we fight. I am a disaster. I am imperfect. I made mistakes. I'm a beautiful disaster. We smile, we cry, we laugh, we get mad, we break thru those brick walls, we prove them wrong, we remember and continue. I find love again. Yes, love. A whirl wind which includes respect, acceptance and patience because I am all over the place with raising a child with such high medical needs and dealing with grief. I am perfectly imperfect. I'm on an unpaved road, cutting thru it as each wall or bump in the road tries to stop me. I fight. I am a beautiful disaster. 

Cheryl Cook 

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December 07, 2018