As a survivor of domestic violence and spiritual, physical, and mental abuse, I embrace the title of a Beautiful Disaster.  I married young at the age of 16 to someone 14 years my senior who was extremely abusive. At the same time, I dealt with a disabling condition of Epilepsy. I was on over 26 pills a day, having multiple seizures a day. I was unable to perform everyday tasks without the fear of having a seizure. I dropped a pan of hot grease on myself while having a seizure. I dropped a hot iron on my arm while ironing clothes when I went into a seizure.  Going outside was out of the question for fear no one would be able to find me if I passed out.  Local doctors could not diagnose me and wanted to write me off as a psychosis patient. After years of dealing with the seizures, the doctor said I cannot do anything else for you. I am going to refer you to a well-known research hospital in our area. That hospital had the advanced technology to diagnose and identify epileptic activity. After numerous tests, It was determined I was a candidate for brain surgery. Six months after I broke out of the cycle of abuse from the domestic violence relationship, I underwent an 8-hour brain surgery which cured me 100%. I’ve been seizure-free and off all medications since. I regained my life between breaking out of the cycle of abuse and being given my life back. I am no longer just surviving – I am living life fully as a Beautiful Disaster. 

I’ve grown into a self-sufficient, independent woman that will never be codependent upon a toxic relationship again. I absolutely love the “In Loving Memory of the Old Me” collection because I am no longer that scared little girl that succumbed to abuse. I stand up for myself and am not the same intimidated young lady that didn’t know her worth.  As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I saw a courageous, unashamed, and beautiful woman that was tattooed much like me.  She demonstrated such pride, and the clothes looked remarkable on her as well. Her beauty shined through. The brand "Beautiful Disaster" resonated with me and I said to myself, "yes, that's what I am...a beautiful disaster."  I clicked the link and found clothes upon clothes that resonated with me and my story. I cannot thank Beautiful Disaster enough for giving me a way to tell my story through my clothing.

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February 25, 2022