I Am A Victim Of Incest. It Started At A Very Young Age. My Brother Molested Me All My Years Growing Up. It Caused Me A Lot Of Trouble. I Would Take Speed, Drink, Smoke Weed - Anything I Could Do To Escape The Hell I Lived In. I Was In Mental Facilities A Couple Times, Then I Ran Away, Got Married Young, And Was In A Abusive Relationship. My Defining Moment Came After I Started Working With The Mentally Challenged. I Had A Lady That Got Kidnapped And Raped. She Knew My Story Because I Shared It With Her. I Was Able To Help Her Through Her Trauma!! And The Man Was Convicted To Life Without The Possibility Of Parole. I Still Suffer From PTSD!! But I Am On Medicine. No Longer Try To Harm Myself. I Lost My Dad 2018, And My Dog 4 Months Later. I Quit My Job To Take Care Of My Mom Who Has Had Congestive Heart Failure And AFib, Some Small Mini Strokes That Caused Vascular Dementia. Your Clothing Line So Resonates With Me - To Rise Up Stay Strong. I Love What This Brand Stands For And How It Makes You Feel!! SO THANK YOU!!!

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September 23, 2022