I’m Jewels a 49 year old mother of three wonderful amazing boys and one daughter.

I’ve been married and divorced three times. I’ve went threw daily physical and emotional abuse, I’ve also abused myself with drugs and alcohol. 

At age 19 I had my first child my beautiful baby girl Jessica Leighann perfectly healthy, not knowing as she was growing so was a rare cancerous tumor in her tiny brain. By age 2 she was diagnosed with PNET a primitive nuroectodermal brain tumor the size of a lemon and 6 months after brain surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation it came back and was the size of a softball.

My Jessica went threw hell and back and beat cancer! I miss her so badly so sad that she won the battle against cancer and lost her life due to a careless doctors mistake. Losing my daughter has been the worst pain I’ve ever had to live with.

By age 21 I had my first son Elgin a beautiful baby boy to my surprise was blessed with Down Syndrome and at 9 months would undergo major open heart surgery to fix four holes in his tiny 9 pound body.  

Three years after my life was turned upside down with my first two children being so sick I was blessed with 2 more children both healthy boys Austin and Paul Jr. 

After divorcing my children’s father because I couldn’t take anymore abuse I ran into my high school sweetheart and slowly began a whirl wind relationship filled with alcohol and drugs before I knew it I was a full blow meth addict. I could blame him or I could blame the previous abuse or any of the life events that had happened but ultimately it was all Me! No one forced me to stay no one forced the drugs in my system It was Me!  After losing my home, my children, my car and ultimately myself and going to jail I decided to check my self into a 160 day rehab for women I was able to take my youngest son with me but not my other 3 which threw me into a depressed state but I continued my fight to not quite and to change my life. 

I promised God and myself that I knew I could not erase my past nor could I change one day about it but I was determined to change my future, for my children and myself.

I never looked back or even thought of looking back and now I have been clean and sober since 2004! I own my own home, have bought and paid for 6 vehicles, I went to college received more than 1 degree as well as went to beauty school and am now the owner  of my own shop! I use to hate who I had become before getting clean and now I am the person I’ve always knew I could be none the less I am still a BEAUTIFUL DISASTER!

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March 06, 2020