My name is Jessica Michelle and I am a Transwoman. I believe numerous factors helped me become more comfortable and confident. I was no longer hiding, and I started off telling my women friends first.  They were so accepting. After all of those years in fear, it was wonderful to be accepted and now I am one of the girls to them. 
Beautiful Disaster represents how I feel going through my transition, like your hoodie says, saying goodbye to the old me and hello to the new happier, more confident, and honest to myself and others, me. I found your brand on a Facebook Ad for the bundle for "In Loving Memory of The Old Me", and I knew this set was speaking to me. I bought hoodie and leggings, and was hooked on Beautiful Disaster. I have come a long way since then, but I still wear this set. 
The new hoodie "your opinion your problem" is how I feel when I hear anti-Trans talk. I’m so happy, I wouldn’t go back. If others are struggling - just know it’s okay, you're not alone.


Allison said:

I know the old Jessica and the new. Beautiful inside and out. the confidence and happiness levels are fantastic to see.

TammyN said:

I am Sooooo proud of you!! ROCK ON!!!

Linda Robinson said:

Jessica, thank you for bravely sharing your truth. I hope this community is as safe for you as I’ve found it. In an environment which seems determined to divide everyone and foment hatred, this example of personal courage is inspiring to me.
BDRock on,

Tammy said:

What a testimony. While i cannot say i understand the transformation physically, i do understand you have a woman’s instinct and i admire your tenacity but gentle approach in your journey.
Welcome to a sisterhood you never thought possible!


I’m in the same boat, thanks for sharing this XO your sister Lav and ty BDROCKSSS!!!

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October 12, 2023