What makes me a Beautiful Disaster?
I feel as a mom and a wife, on the outside I might look beautiful and put together but on the inside there’s a story and painful ending that makes me a Beautiful Disaster.
Why do I identify with the brand?
I would have to say because I feel the same way some of the other women feel.. I struggle with pain and anxiety everyday and I just keep going..
What has life been like for me?
Well life has been a complete 360 since my accident in 2018. I suffered severe fall at work injuring my spine and causing me to have spinal fusion because I had no sensation in my right leg, not able to walk and in severe pain. After that surgery my life has been through addiction, depression, seeing more Dr.’s for complications from the surgery, loosing my job that I loved and not being able to work out, like I was used to doing.. My life now is not being able to walk the grocery store, it’s handicapped parking spots because of walking is too much on my back! It’s moodiness and not able to enjoy the fun things with my family. It totally turned my life upside down and I’m still suffering everyday!!
What happened to turn my life around?
I stopped all pain medication on my own. I didn’t wanna feel like I was in a cloud. I wanted to be able to feel myself, not look at myself and see nothing.. I had to stop and find alternatives to help my pain.
My life now is getting used to the new me it’s knowing that with pain comes strength! It’s building me back up and moving forward, it’s knowing I wear my scars with pride, that I fell and got back up and continue to fight everyday!!
My favorite BD item or saying is You Don’t Know My Story because even though I might look good or smile in pictures but you don’t know inside how I feel. I hide the pain and the sadness like I hide my scars and that makes me a warrior and a Beautiful Disaster!!

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April 02, 2021