I got married way too young and for the wrong reasons to a man that was not such a nice guy, to say the least. I have four kids in five years with him and he found every way possible to make certain that I’d never be able to get away from his clutches from legal shenanigans to threatening to take my kids away from me for his own selfish reasons. I fought my way out and, by the grace of God, I moved to Colorado and finalized my divorce. My ex gave me a choice between the kids and the “stuff” so I literally moved out here with nothing except my clothes. I had to start from scratch buying everything from clothes to furniture and everything in between. I reinvented myself for the first time and found my strength in one of my lowest points.


After getting out here, my ex completely cut ties from my kids and paid absolutely nothing toward their well being. In the year that followed, I went through a hysterectomy and a very dark period of anxiety that required months of counseling to get through it. I had a relationship with a man I was in love with fall apart over his addiction and fought to raise my kids as a single parent without any help whatsoever from their biological father.

Now this beautiful disaster is starting over AGAIN for the third time in five years. I’m fighting my ass off as a single parent with no financial help from their father at all but I’m stronger and my kids and I are happier than ever. I’m building a freelance business, working full time and kicking ass as a mom. It isn’t always pretty but it’s my path and I’m rocking it!

The Beautiful Disaster brand is a representation of every woman who has fought their ass off to reinvent themselves. It’s for everyone who’s lived through abuse, low self esteem, pain, loss and everything else that plagues women today. It’s for every battle I fought and won from anxiety to putting food on the table after a hysterectomy to moving out on my own again. It’s a way to wear my accomplishments as a woman!

Heather Lee

Original Submission: 8/4/2015

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August 04, 2015