Hello! My name is Farrah, and I'm a huge fan of Beautiful Disaster.  I became a young mother at 17. I had a handsome little boy that I love so much.  At the age of 20, I was diagnosed with stage 1 Ovarian Cancer.  I had to have a complete hysterectomy, including my ovaries at the age of 21, knowing I would never be able to have children again. For the next few months, I went through rigorous Chemo. Lost all of my hair and it was pretty difficult.  I've struggled with anxiety and depression since then. I did have great parental support, but being a single mother was hard, but I took care of him and worked hard. My son will be 13 soon and I've been cancer free for 9 years. 
I still struggle with anxiety and depression and this clothing has really boosted me mentally. I own 2 shirts, 2 hoodies and 2 purses so far and I wear them constantly.  My favorite is the shirt I'm wearing in the picture.  The butterfly represents change to me.  Before I was a caterpillar and now I'm emerging as a beautiful butterfly. I also love my newer purse I just bought. I love reading other people's stories.  They're so inspiring and helps make each day  a little easier.  I know I'm a Beautiful Disaster, I wouldn't want it any other way. 

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February 24, 2023