Ever since I can remember, I was a chubby girl. Made fun of the entire time at school. I hated school and never wanted to go back! I was always the loner. Then, in 2007, I was in a short 3 month relationship. Within that short 3 month period, I was accused of sleeping with my cousin, ALWAYS accused of cheating, meanwhile he was cheating the whole time! I have back issues, and one day my back was hurting so bad I went to the er, and got medication which knocked me out! He came to my apartment in the morning, and started punching my butt, accusing me of cheating yet again and said there was semen on the toilet seat. (What man in their right mind would do that?) We started arguing, and the argument escalated QUICKLY! I had a 6 month old male kitten named Rychus that was over protective of me. My cat felt the anger from my ex, and tried to defend me by scratching his ankles... well my ex grabbed the cat and threw him hard across the room causing Rychus to hit the wall. I went to protect Rychus and my ex went to stomp on him. I pushed my ex away from my helpless baby, my ex starts yelling "SO YOUR TAKING THE CATS SIDE???" and proceeded to punch me in the chest. Broke my name plate necklace in 3 places which scratched my chest, I hit him back to defend myself, and next thing I know I'm on the floor with him choking me while I'm trying to reach over his arms to punch him in the face so he can get off of me! He ends up raping me with a tampon in, (which got stuck) then when I went to sleep. He stole my unregistered and uninsured car, got into a high speed chase, and crashed head on with a cop. (Almost killed a police dog, and the police officer was stuck in his cruiser) I ended up having a warrent out for MY arrest (cause the car was mine) went to court for 3 months to prove I was innocent! After that, I was on a downward spiral... smoking weed, drinking, and partying... then in 2009 my ex from 10 years prior messaged me... I told him I didn't want a relationship due to my ex. He understood and took his time with me... and here we are 14 years later... still together, and the happiest and safest I've ever been! My fiance has taken his time to make me feel safe, get to know the REAL ME! We found our happiness together! I found Beautiful Disaster this year, as of right now I just have the "you don't know my story" zip up hoodie. This hoodie is my absolute favorite piece of clothing ever! I only take it off, to shower, sleep, or to wash it! I am currently waiting for my mystery box to come in so I'll have more clothes to wear! Thank you Christina for this extra boost of confidence! I feel empowered myself, but when I wear this hoodie, I feel like I'm on top of the world! Again, thank you for creating Beautiful Disaster!!!
With all my love,


Tammy said:

Beautiful and inspiring! So happy for you!!

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May 18, 2023