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Call to Action for Holly Doll & Irish Cash

Posted on 31 January 2018

This blog post is one of the most important that I have written. Our Beautiful Disaster & Handsome Devil Family has tribe members that really need our love and support. Handsome Devil Irish Cash (Holly Doll's Husband and father of their children) has been diagnosed with Cancer (Multiple Myeloma).

10% of very order placed through the end of February with the code HOLLYDOLL will be donated directly to Holly & Irish. Holly Doll has been a member of the BD tribe for years, she is our model, our customer and our friend and she needs us more than ever.  Please share this blog and share our posts so that we can raise as much as possible to help support them in this tough time. They are both small business owners and will need time off of work, child care and help with the growing hospital bills. 


Here is the story from Holly on January 21, 2018:

"One moment I feel like we are on top of everything and have our shit together and the next moment i feel like my world is crumbling beneath me. 
Many people in our life this past year know that Irish has been suffering from severe pain and severe exhaustion since his birthday in January 2017. We blamed it in the beginning on poor diet and lack of exercise then as it progressed steadily into May and June of 2017, we knew it was something more. We visited multiple general practitioners and Emergency rooms during this time and the findings were mild including anemia, contusions in the ribs, torn muscles etc. We followed doctors orders to care for the anemia yet his hemoglobin levels continued to drop. In December we visited the ER and got the first sign of hope when they gave him a blood transfusion, found two compression fractures in his spine and suspected the anemia might be a symptom of something greater rather than a diagnosis. We were referred to a hematologist/oncologist at Sutter and made an appointment for an assessment. When we showed up to Dr. Kiwan’s office Monday Jan 22nd, Irishs pain level was at an 11, he was having difficulty walking, he was delirious and difficult to understand. 
His oxygen levels were below 80% and he was immediately rushed to ER under Dr. Kiwan’s care. Long story short, he had severe anemia, 3 broken vertebrae, 5 broken ribs, pneumonia and breathing at less than 80% - theoretically his doc says he should be paralyzed from the neck down or have already gone into cardiac arrest but, as anyone who knows Irish Cash knows he is ornery and stubborn as fuck and was "tough-guying" it out since no one knew what was wrong with him.

The final diagnosis that has caused all these symptoms is #MultipleMyeloma - a blood cancer in the bone marrow.

We start #chemotherapy today and he is in good spirits."


Use Code HOLLYDOLL at checkout to save 10% and we will donate 10% of every order that comes in using this code for the entire month of February.

Note from the owners:

We love you Holly, Irish & Family. We are sending you love, support, healing energies and as much money as we can. 


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