Hello, my name is Britany. I call myself a BADASS. Why? Well I will gladly tell you why. Let’s start with glimpses of my life journey. I say journey, because I’m still learning and growing, and I occasionally make mistakes.

I was removed from my father as a baby, not for lack of parenting cause my mother was a horrible person. She then remarried a man, I thought of as a dad, then he became someone I hated! He molested me multiple times throughout middle school and high school. Drugging me with cough syrup, and my mother stood by and watched. SICKENING!!!!!

Fast forward-High school sucked balls majorly. My friends were mostly misfits that no one else wanted to be around. I used to slit my wrists in high school, because at one point home life wasn’t good and school life was just as bad. I was made fun of for red hair, or the way I dressed, or the things I did. I eventually met a guy 5 years older, dropped out of school, was kicked out of home and classified as a runaway, got married and got pregnant.

Things weren’t great within my marriage, so I told him to leave. I started to try to get my life together and found a cousin of mine on my dad’s side who connected me with my DAD!!!

I decided I was going to move, my ex had other plans, filed custody making me seem unfit. So, I was young and was like alright, fine, you win, because his abuse was still very real. Threats came a plenty.

I moved to another state, lived my life, worked occasionally. Did odd jobs when I needed extra cash. Ended up getting engaged to a man whose life was all about drugs and that drug me down, nothing harsh just mostly alcohol, weed, and cocaine.

Got away from him and was seeing a guy I thought would be my entire world for life, got accidentally pregnant. When I told him, he flipped out, and I found abuse yet again. I finally decided I wasn’t going to lose this child to another man. Six months later found out I was having a girl, my first ever! His mom convinced me to come talk to him, she pleaded he’d changed and wanted to be in the child’s life. When I went, he was already drunk, he yelled, and I tried to leave, he knocked me down, took my keys, dragged me to my car, blackened both my eyes so I couldn’t see where we were going. Beat the HELL out of me and left me to die in a ditch!!

I had hidden my cell (old style flip phones were awesome at those times) in a place he never thought to look, pressed speed dial to a good friend, and they were able to track me down, they were apart of law enforcement.

I blacked out from the trauma, and when I was in the hospital I was told I had lost the baby.


I came back home to be closer to my baby boy, in and out of relationships constantly testing my faithfulness with their abuse, physical, mental, financial all of it. I eventually made the decision to be done with relationships.

I worked on me, held good jobs, sometimes two or three jobs just to pay for housing and car and to raise my son.


In all of this, I sought after therapy to help with anxiety, and depression, especially when losing my father.

Guess who was diagnosed with PTSD??!!!! ME!!!!!!

Like most I thought, I can’t have that, I never served in the military. My therapist explained, “I DID!” In a war called life. Traumatic events gave me all my mental anguish in my day-to-day life.

Now, I’m back in a state where I’ve always called home.

My son is happy.

I am happy.

I am pursuing a medical degree.

I am in a healthy relationship with a great man.

Helping him raise his daughter.

We have a home, cars, and love.

I have hopes of inspiring other women to leave their abusive relationships.

I have hopes of helping people who have lost loved ones. Cause I have, multiple times.


Because I have overcome drugs, alcohol, idiots trying to abuse and control me, survival of life in general.

Granted it’s nothing like what some of these other Beautiful Disasters have dealt with but everyone has their own story or journey, that’s what makes us different and special in so many ways.

That’s my story, and if anyone needs guidance, a friend to confide in, or just someone to BITCH to about your shitty boss, I’m always available, most the time.



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August 06, 2019