I'm Brandi & what makes me a Beautiful Disaster is that I can be both weak & strong all at the same time. It's OK to be beautiful & a disaster at the exact same time. To be a hot mess & literally weak & unconscious on the inside while carrying a strong persona & just portraying a beauty that is extraordinary. 

I love Beautiful Disaster because they are an empowering brand & encourage women to be "imperfectly perfect." 

Life has been good to me, but trust me I've had my years. 2016 was one of those years for me. My husband & I became pregnant with our 1st child & we were so ecstatic. I went in for my 10 week appointment & was told, "there is no heartbeat." Moments....life is about moments. 

In that moment my heart stopped beating itself. They said that I would have to come in the next day & have a D & C done. That night was the hardest night for me.  <Attempting to sleep while you know there is death inside you> Boy am I STRONG!! 

"She made broken look beautiful & strong look invincible." 

Fast forward to here & now--2021, I'm laying on my couch currently watching my baby boy swing back & forth in his baby swing. He's my 3rd baby. 

I miscarried my 1st baby in 2016, had my 2nd in 2020 & my 3rd in 2021. 

I have 3 babies-an angel, a girl, & a boy. 

I share my story because there is power in release & power in community. 

Beautiful Disaster is a community I'm more than proud to follow, be a part of & eyeball all their clothing lines. Haha. Their clothing is more than clothing-- it's an extension of stories & when someone asks, "'Beautiful Disaster' What does that mean?" -it opens the door for fellowship & telling my story, & for that I'm grateful. 

Thank you Beautiful Disaster - it's more than a brand, it's an outreach. 

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May 05, 2022