What does being a Beautiful Disaster mean to you?

”Being a Beautiful Disaster means to me that things go wrong in life big or small but it’s how you handle them that makes you who you are. If you take the bad and make it good then that’s amazing and a beautiful thing. “

Jessica’s Story….

In the beginning of 2014 I started having horrible debilitating migraines.

On August 9th, I went to an eye doctor to see if he could find anything related to my migraines. While at the eye doctor, he dilated my eyes and suggested that I immediately go to the ER.

At the Missouri Baptist ER they did a CT scan and found that I had a brain mass and transferred me to a Barnes where I had an MRI and was diagnosed with a “low grade” brain tumor. On August 25th I had brain surgery to remove the tumor. They removed everything they could physically see, but 5 minutes before I was released to go home, the doctors let me know that my tumor was cancerous. I have stage 4 Brain Cancer called Glioblastoma Multiforme.

With GBM there are microscopic cancer cells so I needed to undergo 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. Before I could get started on my treatments, I developed an infection and had to have a second surgery on September 16th. With this surgery, they had to remove a portion of my skull and could not put it back. I was sent home with a picc line to take intravenous antibiotics. I then started undergoing 6 weeks of chemo and radiation. I’m living with a missing piece of my skull until a future third surgery to replace it with a manmade plate.

November 21st, was my last day of radiation and I am proud to be able to celebrate it with all of you as a fairly healthy person! I think I’m going to give credit to my affirmations, God, my family, my boyfriend, my friends, my supporters, my doctors and my diet! I’m here to prove hard work pays off and that there is always hope! Also in a few months I’m looking forward to getting my whole skull put back together! (Silly infection)

Why do you Identify with the Beautiful Disaster clothing brand?

- “I identify with this brand because even though I have been diagnosed with a serious life threatening illness I’m taking it and turning it into a positive and want to help other people going through anything similar. “


What do you like most about what BD stands for?

-”I like that it introduces you to other people who have bigger things going on in life that also turn it around and are better people for it”


Whats your favorite BD item and Why?

-”My favorite BD item is the BEAUTIFUL DISASTER yoga pants because they fit amazingly and I really like how big it says beautiful disaster “


What words of wisdom do you ave for other BD’s?

 - “Keep on going! You are inspiring many and what’s life without an inspiration? “



Original Submission: 3/24/2015

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March 24, 2015