What makes me a Beautiful Disaster is that all my life I’ve been different with all my health issues and disabilities.

I Identify with the Beautiful Disaster brand because I’ve been different my whole entire life due to disabilities. So I’ve always stand out in the crowd.

I’ve had my fair share of trials with surgeries after surgeries growing up. It’s been difficult at times. I have no hair do to alopecia. Also I used to walk on the tips of my toes like a ballerina. And used to be made fun of how I walked. Also having anxiety and depression.

I got the help I needed and now I’m happier than ever.

Living life day to day is a good way to look at life.

I love my DON'T TEST MY WATERS UNLESS YOU KNOW HOW TO SWIM sweatshirt. Also with the tattoos on the mermaid.


Allie VanDyke said:

I’m proud of you!! You are perfect just the way you are!! Keep shining and sharing the message with others!! You rock!! 💜💜💜💯

Annette Paterek said:

Thanks everyone. It is a great pick me up seeing you kind words right now as I’m healing from surgery at the moment ❤️

Tammy said:

I love your attitude! Turning (what some think as) negatives into positives! Your are beautiful just hiw you were created! There is no one else like you in the world so shine like a diamond and just keep swimming

Angela said:

Hey my fellow beautiful disaster 😍. I want to thank you so much for sharing. That is not easy to open your soul to others. I think you are a brave for doing it. I’ve always told myself that beauty is being different, cause I to understand always standing out when you really just want to fit in. Thx again lady. You are amazing

lori Widener said:

You are so beautiful Annette inside and out!! You keep shining your light and helping our other sisters find their way out of the darkness. Thankful to have you as my Beautiful Disaster Sister!!!💜💜💜

Pamela Anderson said:

I’m so proud of you sister, for you know that’s what you our kids or true tribe sister. We love you and are here for you. See you in the chat rooms.

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September 28, 2023