Hello there Beautiful Loves. My name is Anne. I am a 52-year-Old Beautiful Disaster..... Here is my story...

I was with my husband for 10 years before marrying him. Married 2005, diagnosed with Breast Cancer 2006 (left mastectomy), 24 surgeries within 16 years. Last one to be April of 2018 where they had to remove my left implant again permanently, with not being able to add an implant anymore (I will forever be perfectly imperfect).
August 2018, my Mama went in for a surgery and we lost her unexpectedly in November of 2018 worse pain ever. May of 2019, husband moved us to Seligman, Arizona, to a property that is second to last on grid. Extremely grieving the loss of my mother and being moved away from everyone and everything it was a very hard move for me. Fast forward.... April of 2021, my Grandma figure Marilyn passed away. April 9th of 2021, my husband and partner of 26 years decided he was going to walk away without blinking an eye or even packing a bag, COMPLETELY BLINDSIDING ME. In June of 2021, I lost my dear father to Dementia. With grief on top of grief on top of grief, I've had no choice, but to trust in the Lord, put on my big girl panties and step forward and become a shining light full of grace, strength and courage. The little town of Seligman has completely grown on me and I have never been more content and at peace in my life. Working at a Family Restaurant Westside Lilo's that I absolutely love with some extremely amazing people that have brought me in as family. Very Blessed and thankful.
Your amazing clothing line adds strength and confidence to me. I am addicted and you really really cannot make me choose a favorite.. I have to maintain self control... Lol. I find myself on the site all the time, naughty girl. In fact I'm waiting for a delivery to my mailbox this week. Yayyyyy!
Thank you so much for letting me share my Journey. YOU ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

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August 25, 2022