Angie Robbins: Her Life Changed in an Instant

Angie Robbins: Her Life Changed in an Instant
Hi! My name is Angela. I was attracted to the clothing simply for the name, because it described my life so well, I have had a lot to overcome, and am still trying to make it out of some things. Here is my story.....
I have always been a rambler and a wanderer. Where this has given me freedom and lots of memories, it has also given me heartaches and experiences, some good some bad. I have ran with the wind, rock bands, hippies and fellow wanderers alike, but the moment I decided to stop, was when I met my Dustin.  He was a strong man full of life and vigor, loved challenges and kids and dogs... a real man's man, and had the respect of anyone he met.  He had a true heart for people despite what they were or what they did... he never judged because he had seen the hard side of life from an early age and he didn't feel it was fair to condemn anyone for how they lived or survived.
Unfortunately, his eagerness to help, and his instincts to protect were his undoing. My life with him was all I wanted. His family were troublesome people that lived dangerously and we paid the ultimate price. April 5, 2017 we got a phone call after dinner that his mother was being sent to the emergency room and they thought she had had a stroke. We later found out it was an extreme concussion and that her partner of 16 years gave it to her. We went up to get her out of the house, and she had finally agreed to come with us, but her partner was a very bad alcoholic and he had decided that he didn't like me or Dustin and that we were not coming into his house at all to get her.  It being Dustin's mother, we decided we were going regardless.  Dustin felt it was bad enough to get her out and I'm ride-or-die, so we went together to do what's right.  He wasn't there when we got there and we were trying to get her out and gone before he came back but we didn't make it. He came in with a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun; We tried to get the gun away from him, but he shot Dustin, fatally. I stayed with him as long as they would let me. I tried to stop the bleeding and keep him comfortable, but there was nothing I could do.... he was pronounced dead about an hour later. I got to hear his last words, tell him how much I loved him, and promised to make things right. He told me I was the love of his life and he would be waiting for me in heaven. My life will never be the same. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and I am the key witness in his murder trial which is coming up. I will do my best to make sure he gets justice. Everyday is hard, waking up without my husband and soul mate is hard... I miss him dearly, he was my best friend. I try to council girls now about the dangers of physical abuse and to give them a strong enough mind about it to be able to get out of a bad relationship. I pray I am an effective voice.
Thank you for your time and for hearing my story... if you ever wanna ask me any questions, please do, I don't mind.
Angie Robbins 

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