As you are reading through this page, I know you will be waiting for me to ask you to buy something.

So let me be 100% transparent with you: At NO POINT will you be asked to enter your credit card information for this challenge.

So read this message carefully and know that you won't have to pay for anything.

There's nothing worse than rolling through life in the passenger's seat.

You wake up, go to work, rinse and repeat through each day with no direction or driving force... Then you drive home, flip through your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows, go to bed, just to rinse and repeat. Day after day, week after week, year after year.

Weekdays all run together, and you find yourself trying to pass the time until the weekend... so you can relax, unwind, and finally enjoy yourself. But weekends have no meaning, and you have no real reason to enjoy them either... and like the weekdays, they all start to run together too.

You see people around you moving ahead, finding happiness... and you start to wonder what they have that you don't.

You start doubting yourself...

Your thoughts beat you up every minute of the day to the point where you feel like you'll always be stuck right where you are.

The mental struggle turns into a pool of negativity…

You try to get ahead, just a little, but it never seems to stick. Each failed attempt drains a little more hope from you, and it is to the point where giving up seems inevitable.


I’ve been on a multi-year journey of this, and I’m not trying to come at you like some crazy guru.

I’m coming to you as a friend for this… I found that each time I was in that place the only thing that gave me meaning was when I ACTUALLY did my gratitude exercises. 

It demolished my emotional walls that I put up to protect myself, because I was afraid of how others would treat me.

It revealed a new level of trust and love with my husband, Tory which is worth more than the stars. It allowed me to connect deeper with my faith and belief in other people.

It’s nothing complicated, and it really shouldn’t be.

As a way of giving thanks and a simple way to feel better going into the holiday season I want you to go on a 3 day journey with me.

Over the whole 3 days it will take you all of 15 minutes.

Literally just five minutes a day to hopefully unlock a little bit of extra happiness into your life.

Each day for 3 days straight starting on Monday, November 22, I’m going to text you the gratitude challenge of the day. 

Sign up below by entering the best number for you to receive texts from me. 

Follow the instructions in the text messages I send you.

Experience the benefits of gratitude by giving yourself the 5 minutes of grace needed.  

P.S. - if you feel inclined…. share your experience with us under the hashtag #BDRocks on IG. 

1.  Pen
2. Paper
3. Post it notes
4. Candle Lighter/match
5. Five minutes a day to yourself
(Trust me… you’re worth it)  

And I Promise, this is FREE. Absolutely no payment necessary for the 3 Days of Gratitude challenge.