Rebel Ink Unisex Tee

Why We Love It

"Rebel Ink" Unisex Graphic Tee from Beautiful Disaster – a timeless homage to the rebellious spirit and the beauty found in imperfection. This design draws inspiration from the iconic imagery of classic flash tattoos, featuring a sacred heart adorned with roses and the empowering phrase "Perfectly Imperfect."

At the heart of this design lies the sacred heart, a symbol of love, courage, and resilience, surrounded by vibrant roses that add a touch of elegance and vitality. The intricate details and bold lines of the flash tattoo style evoke a sense of tradition and timelessness, paying homage to the rich history of tattoo artistry.

Vintage Black Mens Fit / Unisex style shirt, 100% Cotton t-shirt, Imported.

FIT: This Is a Classic Mens / Unisex Style T-Shirt! Order based on Classic T-Shirt Size, not women's size. Please see Size Chart Below. For a baggy fit consider sizing up.

Shipping Information

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Size Chart