Teresa wrote in because she was inspired by what this blog and the Beautiful Disaster brand represents. Teresa has never owned any Beautiful Disaster Clothing, she just felt compelled to share her story.

I am sharing with you exactly how our emails went so that maybe others will start to shine and be brave like Teresa.

1st email from Teresa, Titled “What makes me a Beautiful Disaster”…

My past..and how I have learned from it and used it to better my future.

I was molested by two very close siblings, both boys and both the only two i had. I couldnt tell my parents because of thier warnings and lies but also, my dad was beating my mom just about every day. So with no one to turn to, i got through it all, all by myself, for 4 years. All of that made me the awesome mom i am today.

I am there for my children in every way possible, just like any other mommy would. They have been told everything about my past so they always knew, that they could tell me anything. Everyday, i vow to become more and more stronger.. My kids have told me that my willingness to get through those horrible times and keep pushing through has inspired them to never let anything hold them back from becoming strong individuals.

Now..i didnt post this to get a blog spot. I seen ur instagram page and felt like sharing. Not many of my friends even know if my past lol but somehow, i felt comfortable to share with you all.

Thank you for your time. I’ll get some of your clothing soon. You guys have some really nice stuff. Take care.

Email #2 (From Christie at Beautiful Disaster):

Thank you for being so open and raw and honest. Your story could help and inspire others – would you want to share it? If not I totally understand. You are a Warrior Mommy!

Email #3 (From Teresa):

If you think it will help others, i suppose it wouldn’t hurt. I know stuff like that happens everyday.

I think its great what you do. Its really amazing. I followed you all on Instagram. Keep up the good work, Christie

Email #4 (Christie): Thank you – what is your instagram name so I can tag you?

Email #5 (Teresa):

My instagram name is the_insane_homemaker. Lol i have delt with a lot to be the queen of that name hahaha theres so much more i have been through but what i have told you had effected my life the most. I still have nightmares, anxiety problems, i see a therapist (no pills) but i have come from being a mess to being who i am today.

I really think its fabulous that you help and try to inspire girls/women to keep pushing in life. Good for you.


Note from Owner: Teresa – you are Beautiful. You are Brave. Thank you so much for coming out of your shell in order to inspire others. Even if one person sees the light in your story than you will have been of service in such an amazing way.

P.S. Of course we sent her Beautiful Disaster Clothing!!!

Original Emails Submitted: 6/16/15

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June 16, 2015