Well Hello Christie and the gang aka my Beautiful Disaster and Handsome Devil familia. I have so much great news to share with you and with all that is going on in the world today with Hurricanes and the opiate epidemic devastating our country a little or a lot of good news never hurts!

1st off I just want to say thank you again for all the love and support I have received from you over the last couple of years I have never forgotten your bravery and commitment to sharing all of our powerful yet somewhat tragic stories NO ONE else was or is doing as much to raise up the Beautiful Disasters in all of us as much as you guys do & I know it is not easy running a business and I am sure there were days when you guys were like lets go do something else that has more security and stability but I can tell you that I know you and you would never give up!!!

So from all of us out here on the front lines WE THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for continuing the fight with passion and heart!

Ok now on to my update. Since I started Buns and Roses Baking Company about 4 years ago the last couple of years have found me doing cupcakes and cakes celebrating over a 100 people’s sober birthdays, I also have taught classes in cupcake decorating at Williams Sonoma the largest high-end kitchen retailer in the world(what an honor!) one week it was me the next it was Ina Garten from the food network(the barefoot contessa) LOL crazy huh? I also dedicated a cupcake to Johnny 2 bags from Social Distortion up on stage, as well as I dedicated a cookie to my friend Jesse Malin from Degeneration he also proudly wears the Buns and Roses tshirts. Besides that I have spoken to over 20  high schools and colleges in CA about the dangers of drug addiction and alcoholism.

I have my own Youtube motivational video series titled Chris Stewart  intERUPTION  as well as I have  also competed this year with the some of the top 40 motivational speakers in the country at an event called Reach Live Academy in Colorado springs and came in 5th  out of 40 participants and 400 total attendees, which means that as a prize  I  get part of the contract for all southern CA public high schools this year as a motivational speaker. I finished my book Prayers, Punk Rock and Pastry and that should be out on Amazon by November I will def get you an autographed copy! I currently am also working with kids between 8th grade and 12th grade as a leadership program director and was also currently asked to help start and implement a suicide prevention and awareness program with the Boys and girls clubs of San Diego.

I am currently enrolled in community college getting my psychology degree and am completing my drug and alcohol counselor certification too. I know this sounds like a lot and it is but that’s what happens when someone like myself has been given a second or should I say a hundredth chance at life and this one finally took.

So never give up if your reading this out there I came from the bushes of Hollywood Blvd addicted to heroin, alcohol,  oxycontin , crystal meth and anything else I could get my hands on today I live freely and AMAZINGLY …

Love is pretty much the only thing still alluding me but thats probably because I quit just taking the women that came along I was attracted to and now I actually want a relationship who someone who not only gets me but propels me forward in my life and I do the same for her and that sounds so good I am willing to wait till the right one comes along. Ive deemed myself the worlds #1 door to door hope salesman and I’ve gone from a hopeless dope fiend to a dopeless hope fiend. If there is ever anything I can do for any of you please don’t hesitate to contact me .  Rock on & God Bless                     

Love  Chris Stewart

Chief Rocking Officer(CRO)

Buns and Roses Baking Company

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September 15, 2017