My name is Ruthann Osborne. Im 45 years old and have survived more than any woman my age should have.
 I was sexually abused and sodomized as a child by one of my sister's father for month straight was told if I said anything he would hurt my mother.
As I Grew Older the sexual abuse and rape did not end for me I was raped in front of my sister and a bunch of our friends as an older child in a burnt down apartment complex in Charlestown Massachusetts by knifepoint
But it didn't end there when I was married to my first husband who was a marine while he was on his two weeks active duty my stepfather at the time came to stay with me because he and my mom were having issues I woke up that night to his hands on my bare chest while my younger baby daughter was sleeping in the bed with me I froze.
But that's not the end of it a few years ago I was going to school for my associate's degree in criminal justice visiting my sister in Mississippi we went to a nightclub I was dancing with a guy innocently he decided to pick me up lay me down and put his head between my legs without my consent I was a married woman at the time I still am I froze again couldn't believe it was happening to me yet again I wanted to scream that was the first time I fought back I force myself up jumped on top of him and punched him in the face all the way as he walked to the front of the club.
I was also married for 13 years to my first husband like I said he physically abused me mentally abused me and sexually abused me would force me to have intercourse with strange men will he hit and watched forced me to prostitute myself force me to do adult films beat me when I didn't and fought with me all the time he was a deputy sheriff.
But it doesn't end there I also have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma I had breast cancer in 2003, I suffer from severe depression and I've attempted suicide several times but that was in the past I have a tattoo that I designed on my arm that says "The Will To Live Will Always Outweigh The Ability To Die" and that is the truth.
I know this is really long but this is my story I run a domestic violence and abuse website on my Facebook account and I helped other women who have fought and who are survivors and who are as your company says or a beautiful disaster.

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December 07, 2018