I once extracted myself from an emotionally and mentally abusive and toxic relationship. Upon leaving, I was left with literally nothing more than my parakeet Binky and the clothes I could grab on the way to my car as I drove 916 miles toward the city in which I’d been born and raised. I not only left behind a successful career, but I also left behind the only identity I had at the time. 


Starting from nothing, I was forced to remake myself into something. I went back to school to earn my teaching certificate and so changed careers. I felt so lost for a while - out of touch with everything I had gone through - I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. Or where I was. Did I even exist if no one thought of me anymore? 


I went through some very dark years in remaking myself and had many stumbles along the way, but the entire time I strove to discover who I was and to be that authentically. Had it not been for those disastrous years, I wouldn’t be exactly who I am today, and I happen to love who I turned out to be. 


Flash forward to today, and I am remade. Much as the Phoenix rises from the ashes, I, too, learned to fly even higher and farther than before. 


When I discovered Beautiful Disaster, I knew it was my aesthetic. The messages and clothing call out to me. I adore black clothing, and BD’s clothing just rocks the black as well as the white, pink, red, and purple. 


My favorite items from BD are the leggings and yoga pants. At 5-9 with full hips and a small waist, I rarely can find any bottoms that fit me like a second skin, but BD’s do! They are flattering and gorgeous and rad. My favorite message is, “Hating Me Won’t Make You Pretty.” 


My name is Deana Aria, and I am a Beautiful Disaster.

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April 30, 2021