Surrounded by darkness, even when the sun rose - that was how I have spent 34 years of my life.

I am a Beautiful Disaster because I grew up in and out of homeless shelters as a child in East St. Louis due to an unstable young mother, who lived in and out of truck stops. She brought human trafficking into our young lives, until I was placed in foster care on my 12th birthday. That was when God led my half brother on a journey to search for me for two years. He saved me at 14 and moved me to Tennessee.   

He raised me to begin to value myself and my worth as a woman. I battled eating disorders, addiction, lack of self worth, and only knew self destruction to escape my pain. 6 years ago, I was determined to clean up my life and my credit. I have been a leader for a youth rehabilitation center here in Cookeville, helping young girls relearn their value. I have been a woman welder making my own money to create goals on the path of buying my first home.  

I taught myself welding 7 years ago to let my creative side out and escape my mind by keeping it busy fusing fire and metal. It has toughened my skin and provided my own income to provide the life I want to have.  

When I was introduced to a very strong woman wearing Beautiful Disaster, she answered all my questions about the company. I wear your company proudly and on my 4th purchase, my friend who works at a Harley Davidson shop in Alabama,  started carrying your merchandise. I applaud what you all stand for and feel it help us gain beauty in the day because of what we wear. 

My favorite item I have bought is my Dreamer Tie Dye hoodie because the artistry of the design makes me flash back to the Lisa Frank days in the 80's. I would escape reality with creativity. When I throw on my Dreamer hoodie, I am comforted by the great quality of the fabric, so soft and warm and brightens up my mood for sure. 

I am proud of what I achieve daily remembering I am worthy. 

Thank you all for representing the overcomers. 

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December 03, 2021