Today we share Kyleen’s story. She is a Beautiful Disaster Tribe Warrior Princess!

Every day we face adversity, we face being judged, we face harsh comments from other people and Kyleen knows something that most people don’t know.

“An Outward Expression is an Inward Reflection.”

People are really not their behaviors, we must let what people say roll off of our backs and never ever own other peoples words. Once you believe what they are saying you are in big trouble. We should show compassion and tolerance for these individuals – they are truly the sick ones who need more love.

Kyleen – you are wise beyond your years and more Beautiful than you know. Thank you for sharing your story and keep working hard towards your goals, we are a big fan! xoxo

-Your Beautiful Disaster Family

Name: Kyleen Joan

Age: 20

Instagram: Its_KyleenJoan

Location: Minnesota

I’m a beautiful disaster because I was bullied for over 7 years and stood up to them with all I had.

My name is Kyleen Joan and I am 20 years old. I have been modeling for coming up on 7 years and concert promoting for almost a year.

It all started when I was 14 years old and in middle school & it continued at the highschool I went to, both schools were in Wisconsin. I was with an agency and everyone kept saying I couldn’t be a model, because I had braces and I was short. Funny, because they thought models had to be tall and with no flaws…well they are wrong. I kept on going with the modeling, but then more people started to get involved in the bullying. Not only was I bullied in person at school, but I was also bullied over social media and over the phone and somedays I even received death threats. After all that went down, I was finally 16 when I decided to move to a different school in Minnesota, but that didn’t stop them from picking on me. I have over 200 people from my old school blocked on Facebook, plus other social media sites. Even though I had blocked them, they still found a way to pick on me, such as through friends or there would be more people hopping on the bandwagon to pick on me. To this day people still post status’ about me, such as “I would be embarrassed to be you, posting half naked” & there are more, but that is just an example of what is said. I get many comments from guys and girls that don’t even know me posting on my facebook model page and my instagram, calling me names and saying “you’re ugly”, but that still doesn’t stop me from living my dream. There is a reason why I am published and they are not and there is also a reason why they’re not out there modeling, the industry is tough and that is what they don’t understand.

I think what makes me a Beautiful Disaster is that I went through so much stuff to get where I am and I never gave up, even when I thought giving up was the only way to stop the bullying.

If I could describe myself in one word, I would say that I am very PASSIONATE. I never give up and I do what I do with a lot of passion and love.

I love the Beautiful Disaster brand, because it is a way for people to express themselves, not only with clothing, but also with the blog. I think interacting with your fans of the brand helps bring more people in to sharing, buying, and loving it!!

I love what Beautiful Disaster stands for, because it is from the heart and can help people overcome what they are going through. I think it is one of the best brands out there, just for that reason alone, plus great clothing.

Some words of wisdom to people getting bullied or have been bullied would be, “don’t ever give up! even when the going gets tough! if you give up due to people cutting you down you won’t be happy and will eventually regret giving up in the first place. Don’t feel like it is the end of the world, because it isn’t. There will always be people out there that will criticize you and make you feel like you are nothing, but you are more than that, far more than that…you are SOMETHING SPECIAL.

Everyone is different and not everyone is going to agree with what you do nor say, so DO YOU and live your life the way you want to live it! Don’t give up on something you are passionate about! You only have one life, so make it count!! If you are ever being bullied, don’t hesitate to reach out to others as they can help you through it.”

Original Submission: 5/12/15

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May 12, 2015