Hello my name is Lindsay McCreary-Franklin and I am 31 years old as of today and this is my story of why I am a Beautiful Disaster. My story starts out in my adolescent years I am the oldest out of one other sibling my brother James and growing up we had a blessed life for the most part, but what was the monster under the bed was defiantly behind a closed door.... My door. I was a mammal and papals girl always present with them we did everything I mean everything together. My Nick names by them growing up was between "Red" because I was a redhead and Lynard Skynard.


My Grandma was my bestie and my papal was too, but he pushed harder with me to have that status.... I was around the age of 7 maybe 8 when the molestation started but it started slowly, baiting me thru time, confusing for me as a child because it was someone I trusted and loved. Papal would eventually get to where every time mammal was away he would always get me to try and Jack him off into a wash rag. He seen it was troubling for me to understand it so he would coach me with saying it was a learning experiment for me for when I get older and take on a boyfriend or husband and that it was something I needed to learn..... I was around the age of 13 when my papal passed away and I had not been an actual virgin since I was 11.


I had a steady boyfriend for myself but I kept my sexuality secret. It was hard when my papal died he was my best friend and I loved him very much and will no matter what, but yes what he had done was horrible and damaging for me with years to come.... No one knew that my papal had ever did anything like that , because I thought it was not a bad thing really just a lesson learned. The day my Mom, Dad, grandma found out was the day I had given birth to my beautiful baby girl Avah Nicole. They all lost it - my grandma to the point she moved her burial plot to a whole other location. My parents well that was when we all found out what kind of a monster and how long had that monster had been around us.


My mother had been molested for a very long time from her own father for years of childhood till the day she meet my father and they got marred at the age of 15..... it has taken it's toll on me for years and still does, but the moment I gave birth to my daughter was the moment I knew I was to dedicate my existence to the protection of my baby girl..... I struggled for awhile I got marred to a man that  got me addicted to Heroin and selling & robbing.  He was also a woman abuser. We would beat the shit out of each other, he had caught me on fire once on christmas and a lot of it was over my daughter AND me protecting her from him. I ended up womaning up and ask my mother for her help cause of my issues I would be damned would be what Avah was to endure.


I thank God and my mother and father for being there when I was sick. Ended up doing a couple years in a county jail for all of it.... It is August, 04, 2018 and I am blessed to say I have been Heroin free for more then 7 years now finally going thru a divorce after almost 10 years married. Now Jason Franklin my soon to be ex husband is in prison doing 14 more years for his own demons. I have a wonderful job a great relationship with my daughter and family. I have a wonderful boyfriend who protects and loves us everyday....... I am thankful and blessed for my opportunities available for myself considering, maintain strong this beautiful disaster I am and overcame. Thank you for listening and taking your time out for my story

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December 07, 2018