Hi, my name is Kayla! I am a single mom of 3 lovely kiddos. I am currently working for the United States Postal Service and part time at Kids Corner Cuts Salon. I live in WI, I I was born here and lived for the first 11 years of my life. At 11 years old, my mom moved me to VA and that is when my life took a turn for the worst.


       When I moved to VA I got pulled away from all of my family. I got bullied growing up being a sheltered child until that point, I made a pact to myself that I was putting that to a stop. Going forward, I stood my ground and started sticking up for others. 


       My mom was my only parent, and she got with an alcoholic who molested me at the age of twelve. Starting school, I met a boy who I started dating and we were together throughout grade school and high school. My mom ended going to jail my senior year of high school leaving me to pay all the bills and care for myself. A huge part of my heart was ripped out so I felt the need to fill that void, which is how my beautiful amazing daughter became a part of life on Mother’s Day 2009. 


       My growing up “sweetheart” turns into drugs and does not help with anything in my life. Him being the father of my daughter and going through post depression watching her grow up I decided to have another baby. Now having 2 with him, he only gets worse and robs me while giving birth in 2013. I made a huge decision when my children were 4 and 3 months to move back home to WI. I went through major depression and was drinking morning to night to drown the pain. 


       May 2014, I tried drowning myself. Not successful because at that point every moment with my children flashed before my eyes and that’s what pulled me out. I stopped drinking, went through Cosmetology School (graduated January 2016), and was working full time. In January 2018 I had my rainbow baby to add to the family, but his father and I have a great co-parenting relationship. That is what made me a Beautiful Disaster, and my children are my life and what makes me a better person. 


About 5-6 years ago I was on google trying to find a nice font because I wanted to get Beautiful Disaster tattooed. So I typed BD in the search engine and forgot to click images. The page pulls up BD website where I see clothes and I fell in love right away.


       I love the Beautiful Disaster Tribe because in a way we all can relate. All of us have so much love for each other and care. I love every single thing about the Beautiful Disaster Tribe. I also own so many items. I would have to say the leggings and hoodies are probably my favorite. I also have to say Huge Thank You for bringing this together for all of us to share, relate, and show our true selves.

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February 25, 2022