Where do I begin? As a teen I was a little rebellious and curious, I met a guy at the age of 13 who I just thought was the coolest.. one day he asked me if I had ever had sex. I said no and then well let’s just say we know what happens next. I ended up getting pregnant. Man was I so scared to tell my parents. I finally did and they were upset but supporting because I chose to keep my son. Me and his biological father only lasted a couple months. Then I went and met an older guy who I thought really cared for me, told me he would always be there. Wrong. That man (or should I say boy) had a drinking and drug addiction; he also was physically and mentally abusive. He was controlling and cheated on me. I allowed that to go on for 7 years. Why? Because he made me feel so low and feel like nobody else wanted me and I believed it because I was so young with a child, who’s going to want me. So I stayed.. finally one day I had enough I said I can’t live like this and broke free and moved out of the state. Since then I’ve gone through a few others who were not quite right for me or my son, but I cut it off before to long. I identify with this brand because I am a beautiful disaster. Because of what I went through made me strong and I now know how to love myself and know I deserve so much more in this life. So today my son is 19 with a beautiful little girl (my granddaughter) crazy cause I’m only 33! And look 20 but I'll take it because they are blessings. I’m also working on getting back into modeling and competing in the inked Magazine Cover Girl search! I would definitely say I have worked on my confidence ❤️ Thank you for reading my story and this amazing clothing line☠️🖤 


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May 17, 2020