Growing up for me was difficult time, my mother was barely around, always out. My mother main focus was men and when she was around there was always a different man every time. I had to grow up at a young age. I was 11 years old taking care of my 3 younger brothers, from stealing food so they can eat, to me skipping school to make sure they had an education, to cleaning and taking care of the household. My mother was abusive towards me, she didn't like that I would ask my grandparents for help because my grandparents would lecture to stop chasing men. When I was 14, my mother finally lost custody and I ended up living with my aunt and her family. Well, fast forward some years and at 19 I got pregnant. My whole family made me feel like a failure for being pregnant out of wedlock and due to there treatment of me, I gave my child up for adoption and that was the hardest thing to do, it still haunts me.  When I was 22, I ended up pregnant again with my fiancee, and my family again was still not happy and made me feel like a failure. My fiancee became abusive towards me while I was pregnant and I left him after he tried to choke me to death. This time I kept the baby and have worked hard everyday. No one in my family understands what it's like being a single parent full time working mom, and they have made me feel like I'm worthless they had me feeling like my child deserves better, cause I couldn't always be there for my kid growing up. There were times where I had to work or we wouldn't eat.  I'm now 33 years old and I still work hard for my child and she happy which makes me happy. My child and I have been living with my grandparents. I've been taking care of them and recently my grandfather just passed. Right after he passed, I've been unable to work due to health issues. I have to have surgery on the back of my neck. This is all happening at the wrong time cause my wedding October 29th 2022. What I love about the Phoenix collection is after everything I've been through and what's happening now, I've never given up. I've kept going and I've risen above all the struggles that have come my way. The Phoenix collection reminds me I can do this, after I have surgery and get back to work I'll buy the Phoenix collection.

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December 29, 2022