To me, the word Beautiful Disaster means even though there may be trials in your life you are still always beautiful and unique no matter the circumstance. I grew up having an alcoholic mom and a pretty much non-existent dad. Thankfully my loving grandmother took me in or I would not be the person or where I am at today! I may not always have it together, but with God, he helps me to see the most beautiful aspects of the world around me.

I love to see all kinds of people, no matter the background, no matter the struggle and turn it around. Yes, YOU may have a bad day or been given a harder life, but that most certainly does not mean YOU have to live like that. YOU make this life what YOU want! If you want to be happy and successful, go and have faith God will help you! My goal in this life is to touch at least one person, because it could impact their life tremendously.

I lead a very blessed life and could not be more thankful. I could be off somewhere unemployed, no goals in life, and no education given my background and the parents I was given. However, with the help of my dear grandmother, and my “what I call” adoptive parents, I have a college education, an extremely loving husband and a baby girl on the way. I also have taught pre-school, and have had many successful job ventures along the way. I struggled throughout high school with depression and teenage hormones, but I always loved to learn and somehow got through.

I believe God is always the key to getting past life struggles. It’s funny when one day you wake up and decide you don’t want to live a certain way and if you try hard enough you can make it happen. Going through several bad relationships and wondering why it didn’t work out in the end is always tough. I lived with three different ex’s and everything was great at first, but then you realize one will never really grow up even though they are 6 years older than you, one is too selfish and materialistic and won’t let you achieve your dreams, and the other is an alcoholic, whom no matter how many times you try, you can never really fix. Once you truly meet that man of your dreams, your life falls in to place, you want to be with them 24/7, and you have the same goals in life, which to me the most important; love one another unconditionally with God first and foremost.

Today, I am a proud college graduate, the only one in my family and have had many job opportunities. I love to learn, and explore all possibilities. Life is way too short to just sit still and be bored or to work yourself to death. I have always tried to push myself to be the best I can be and to teach those around me that being positive and learning to love life and follow God, (which is huge) will get you anywhere you want to be. I have been through several bad relationships and could never understand what I was doing wrong. Why I was always getting the short end of the stick. Until one day, I decided, I was NOT going to live life like, “why are these bad things happening to ME?” I now wake up every day with a positive outlook, I smile no matter whose bad vibes I come in contact with, I make sure I thank God and talk to him every day, and I decide everyday will be a blessing because God gave me another day to live in his beauty.

This life is what you make it!


Note from the owner: Thank you Hannah for being such a positive and uplifting woman. Your words are powerful and we are so lucky to have you in our tribe! xoxo

Original Submission: 6/30/2015

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June 30, 2015