Life since day one hasn’t been all that easy! Growing up without my biological father was absolutely the hardest thing in life! I felt different. Leading to horrible choices in relationships. Leading to less than what I deserved situations. Due to not having a great example!?!

At a young age, I developed anxiety and depression. Until this day, I continue to battle both! Younger adult age in my 20s, being diagnosed with a disease that resulted in having my entire thyroid gland to be removed. Battling with my body changes as that result. Later in my 30s, yet again, diagnosed with a rare joint disease causing tumors within my hip. Called PVNS. Within two years, I have had two separate surgeries. My last surgery was this July 6, 2021. I continue to fight physical, mental, emotional battles everyday!! Silently. 

I’m so grateful I found Beautiful Disaster! The brand and every Women’s story that has been shared has inspired me to share my silent battles!! Maybe my story will inspire someone else to share their story to?! Embracing all the obstacles faced? Only the strong survive and we are the Beautiful Disaster!! 

      I continue to fight everyday! But I have a new outlook on every experience!! I love harder and appreciate everything! Whether it be small or big?! A disappointment or something I wished for? Everything is a learning experience!! I have two children who I love and adore very much! I try everyday to make a great impact on their lives!! My children are my fight!! 

      My favorite piece from Beautiful Disaster is the one long sleeve I am wearing in the photo. I love the color black. First ordered item! I’m looking forward to many more items to be purchased! Supporting such a Badass group of Women!!! What Beautiful Disaster represents? I love!! 

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April 05, 2022