My name is Dina.  I am a 46 year old mother of 3 beautiful children (yes, they are disasters too). About 4 years ago, my life changed forever, and so did my family’s.  I was told, after 2 surgeries, that I had stage 3 high risk cervical cancer.  My rate for survival was only 30%.  I went through multiple surgeries, chemo, and radiation.  In the end, I won.  I have been cancer free since April of 2018.  I should be ecstatic, but I was still tired, depressed, all the time and I was still sick everyday.  My doctors told me that this was probably my new normal.

Umm…...NO!  This was not going to be the end of my story.  I started working out, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutritionist.  A few months back, I joined a CrossFit gym and my life will be forever changed.  I have so much more energy now. I still struggle with getting sick everyday and with my depression, but everyday that I take control and go to the gym I feel a little less depressed and better than the day before.  

I found the Beautiful Disaster brand when it popped up in my social media feed after searching for stories of people that have been suffering from cancer for a long time.  I clicked on the link because the statement was "me" in a nutshell.  It was the Phoenix leggings, which reminded me of being born again after being close to death.  I bought those leggings to show my strength.

I love the Phoenix line of clothing because it represents me and my coming out of the ashes a new person.

I may be a mess, a disaster if you will, but I am a beautiful one.

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March 24, 2022