Hi I am Bianca and I am 42 years old, single and living with my 3 cats. And I want to tell you my story.

When I was in my teens I was kind of overweight.
Also I didn't grow up in a really loving family. Even though my dad loved me to pieces, he was an alcoholic. My dad was my everything but its hard to grow up with an alcoholic dad.
Being overweight and getting even from my family nasty comments about it, I decided to lose weight and I managed to do that, I lost 20 kilo's.
But my self-worth was down to nothing when I met my first boyfriend when I was 19 years old.
He took advantage of that and he abused me mentally, physically and sexually.
Finally I had the strength to break free of that relationship and decided that I was worth more than that.
I worked hard after that to think better of myself and become a stronger person.

When I was 36 I got diagnosed with Crohns disease.
I got severely underweight and was constantly sick.
By now I am 6 years sick and there are not a lot of options left for me medicine wise. This week I start on another medicine which I have to inject myself with every other 2 weeks. Crohns disease goes hand in hand with joint issues and physical pain every day and I am also on a high doses of Tramadol each day.
Not soon after my diagnoses I lost my job and ended up in disability. So financial struggles are not strange to me.
Also I had to break things off with my mother and some family members because they make me physically sick with there actions and behavior

But still all that is happened to me and I am facing every day, made me stronger. I try to see the positive in most things and keep fighting for my happiness.
I have three amazing boys: 2 Maine Coons and a short hair cat, who keep me going no matter what.
I got to meet amazing people a long the way who are also sick who I would haver never met otherwise.

I decided to go back to school and do a financial administration education. I did that in college when I was younger but ended up in a different profession. So now I want to go back to my passion which is numbers and administration. And the education is going great and I am getting really good grades. On more exam to go and than I will get my degree, with a job guarantee attached to it. 
I also do volunteer work for a foundation who helps people with eating disorders. I do their client administration from home. And I love doing that, knowing I help others.

Also a couple of years ago I got involved in a community from a foundation who saves big felines and met online a couple of people who are now very close friends. To top that off they got me to the US a couple of months ago so we could meet in person. It was my first international flight and first real holiday.
And because of that foundation I started to investigate and look around and found other sanctuaries who do amazing things. One in Slovakia I  visited last year for a couple of days and was so impressed that this month I went back for a whole week to work there with big felines. And will be doing that now every year.

So even tough I am sick and struggling sometimes, I don't give up and challenge myself.
In everything there are good and positive things if you only will look for it.
I am definitely beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect and proud of it!!

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December 07, 2018