So, I started my long journey of Breast Cancer on October 14th, 2015. Once they told me everything happened so fast. October 20th port was purchased, so I could start chemo on the 22nd. I had chemo every 3 weeks and the next day a booster shot to help bring my white blood cells up. It made me sick as a dog. We did this to shrink the tumor every 3 weeks til mid February 2016. 
March 25th, 2016, I had a full mastectomy on the right breast. Around May I started radiation and finally went back to work August 2016. Well let's fast-forward to January 2019, the breast cancer came back to my brain and I had to have emergency brain surgery. Now, I'm doing chemo every 3 weeks as a maintenance to keep the breast cancer away. I fell into a depression with all this. My husband and fur baby has been my rock. I went to Las Vegas last November of 2021 with my bestie and I ended up finding Beautiful Disaster in October and ordered for my birthday because this was definitely me and I love wearing me. I'm truly a Beautiful Disaster......

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July 08, 2022