Where The Power Is

I wrote this letter to you. Please share it with anyone you think could benefit from it and remember - we don't choose the cards but we do have the power to #unchoose

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Darlene Umbel 2 days ago

When you’re used to fighting for things, it is sometimes hard to just trust and let go. Once you do, the freedom it gives your entire being. We are all strong in different ways, embrace it, love it, and warrior on…

Susan Pennypacker 2 days ago

Damn girl! You’ve got me sobbing this morning! So beautifully said. I’m a survivor of sexual abuse as a child. Emotional abuse as an adult. Self abuse my whole life.
I now work to help others overcome hands they were dealt & hands misplayed. My pain forged who I am & gives me the ability to see the beauty of being broken and rebuilding myself. I know so many women and girls that could benefit from wearing your brand. Thank you for acknowledging the struggle and the amazing strength that comes from rising from the ashes…..